Great communication is planned.
Before you jump in front of a camera, start a podcast, or be interviewed by the media, get media training.

Most business leaders don’t have a framework that ensures they communicate clearly.
They aren’t memorable, they aren’t interesting and it’s letting the brand down.

But it shouldn’t be that way.

Learn how to stop looking nervous on camera, share compelling content with confidence, and control the narrative with our Media Ready Masterclass.

What you get:

  • 17 chapter video course
  • Interactive PDF Workbook
  • Key Messaging Frameworks
  • Tone & body language techniques
  • Real examples of how to be interviewed
  • Learn how to control your nerves and overcome imposter syndrome
  • Suitable for all levels

Your instructor

Matt Purcell is the founder and creative director of award winning agency KYU Media.
He works with celebrities, CEO’s and spokespeople on how to communicate clearly using these media training frameworks.
In this course, he’ll teach you the secrets to becoming a confident and clear communicator and you’ll become a spokesperson for your business that will leave people inspired, engaged and will position you as a leader.


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