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How to Communicate Effectively: Control the Narrative, Be Remembered, Share Confidently

Your lack of confidence is costing you

The ability to present yourself and communicate well is crucial. In any work environment. Especially in the public arena.

They don’t know how to explain what they do quickly. Most people ramble and confuse others. They don’t share the most impactful information. This blueprint on how to communicate with ‘executive presence’ in any environment, and on any digital platform, will get you that progression you need.

MentoredMedia have put together an e-course to help you in todays world where visibility and capturing attention is the new currency. In only 16 quick self-paced sessions on communication, you’ll advance to the hot-seat where you will put these new found assets to the test.

Discover how to shift your focus away from yourself to conquer your fear of speaking.

Get strategies for ensuring that your body, tone, and words are giving off one consistent message.

Plan for your worst-case scenario and establish recovery strategies; handling tough questions; and more.

In this course, your guide Matt Purcell from MentoredMedia, is going to help you get a competitive advantage in communicating. To wipe off those cobwebs, quieten that fear and step-up to the plate for your business. Matt trains Executives in Australia to get ‘media ready’. He shares the insight and tools that everyone should be taught, and that the pros have mastered.

Stephen Walsh
Stephen Walsh

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